Survivor Lakeland Returns with 3rd Tribe

Lakeland Connect joins competition for its fifth year.

After taking last summer off, Survivor Lakeland is returning! The competition known for shaking up the fundraising world is changing things for its fifth year; most significant, launching a third Lakeland Connect tribe! Other changes include online registration and donation collection.

Caitlyn Thompson, founding member of the Lakeland Survivor committee says the competition is a fun way to have a real impact on a non-profit. “We decided to bring back Survivor this year because local non-profit organizations need help,” Caitlyn explains that each year one organization is chosen to be the recipient of the money raised. “We needed to take last year off for undisclosed reasons but that gave us a year to recoup and re-focus for the best year yet!” Cailtyn says the group is ready to change things up and introduce a third tribe, the Lakeland Connect tribe. With the addition of the tribe the will be one more castaway then in the past to make for even three teams of seven.

This year’s organization of choice is Kidsport Bonnyville, confirms Caitlyn, “We ask organizations to submit proposals to us if they would like to be the recipient. Once we receive all proposals by the chosen deadline, the committee goes through each proposal thoroughly and we vote. Kid Sport was chosen for this year.” There is a guarantee of $21,000 from the castaway entry requirements alone and in the past the 4 day competition has raised over $50,000.

Each castaway must raise $1,000 to enter the competition, which plays out much like the Survivor reality TV show. Castaways battle in skill competitions, that test brains and brawn. They must live in the elements and form alliances to outwit, outplay, outlast. If you would like to enter the competition, fill out an application form, online at survivorlakeland.com. After all the torches are snuffed and the sole survivor is standing, the winning castaway will receive $5,000.

There’s lots of secrets and surprises in store for the competition, says Cailtyn, “all I can say is expect the unexpected!” One of those secrets is which member will be representing the LCN tribe; Husband Chad, Tyson or Jena. “I sure hope i’m not ever stuck on a desert island with any of you crazy people,” laughs Caitlyn.

LCN feels a friendly competition coming on between the three of us… Stay tuned as we work this out for all of you to see! Follow Survivor Lakeland on Facebook for more on the competition.