Alberta Heritage

What did I see during my first geocache of spring? A snowman with horns or maybe it’s antennae. After taking a picture, I headed toward my main destination outside of Bonnyville.

The coordinates brought me close to an area I didn’t know anything about. But after reading the sign nearby, I learned more about the fur trader Angus Shaw dating back to 1789. There is a seven meter cedar statue of him at the Bonnyville and District Museum. I took some pictures of some heritage buildings nearby, which in the summer usually have a plethora of flowers in the windows.



The hidden cache was about the size of a sandwich container and it contained treasures to trade such as a Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby League sticker (I wonder if they geocache too?) If you haven’t seen one of their games, I highly recommend it.

This heritage-themed geocache had safe parking, an interesting area to explore, and I learned something. All things I appreciate. I drove off to find an “underground treasure” next. The hint was look down. I looked everywhere and even dug under snow but I didn’t find the cylinder container I was looking for but I heard a woodpecker. I didn’t think I would see him when I looked around but I did. He had a big red head.   I also saw a lot of beautiful houses down by Vezeau Beach and a lone cow on a hill.


Deciding to try one more for the day, I headed to an area near a campground. I was looking for an empty ketchup container in a “five foot hole”. I searched pipes and under piles of rocks that made holes and even looked at the inside of the letter 0 on the sign because it was about five feet high, but I found nothing.

Because this trip took me down a lot of side roads I never venture on, I drove through Ardmore for the first time instead of down Highway 28. On my way home, I took a picture of the Ardmore Duck. It looks like he’s made of cans. He is a good reminder about the fundraising duck race that happens in Ardmore every year.

One out of three wasn’t bad considering there is still a lot of snow on the ground.