Lakelander Aboard Views Kuwait

When he’s not working overseas, former Cold Laker Charles Peng, is taking photographs in the city of Kuwait. The wild cats captured his attention first. Then the architecture.

As he was riding in the passenger seat of a speeding SUV, the skyscraper scenery was constantly changing angles of view. Peng says, “These structures were endlessly morphing into new shapes. In particular, the Al Hamra Tower appears as if it is page in a book, in perpetual motion, being turned by an invisible bookworm in the sky.”

The Kuwait Towers at the waterfront are one of the main attractions of the city, and the rotating platform inside the sphere provides a 360 degree view of the city. Peng marveled at the architecture as he took numerous photographs. “The fluidity of these buildings embodies the engineering marvel of projecting liveliness into large structures.”

Along with taking photographs, Peng is training for the SMU (Saint Mary’s University) Alumni Mt Fuji Summit climb on July 1st, where he and five others will be hoisting the Canadian flag to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.