Border Finds


All three of my geocache finds today took me through thick-wet mud, and dirty-deep puddles. It’s looking like spring out there. However, I was glad there was still signs of winter around because the snow came in handy for cleaning off my shoes before I got back into my vehicle. My car will need a good wash though. (I somehow got onto the muddiest road I’ve ever been on it my life after finding the second and third geocache).

The other thing these three geocaches had in common was they were all near signs along highways and they all had areas nearby where you could safely pull over and temporarily park your vehicle. The one I found on the way to English Bay Road in Cold Lake was the trickiest find as it was sneakingly hidden inside a place I wasn’t expecting. The obvious hiding places came up empty. At this busy corner, I saw a lot of traffic and a colourful pole. My next stop had me entering Saskatchewan. There, by the welcome to Saskatchewan sign, I found a camouflaged film canister. I maneuvered my hand around through the rusty barbed wire and grabbed the container so I could  sign the log book.

Not too far from this cache was the Alberta welcome sign cache. After accidentally touching one too many caterpillar cocoons as I was feeling up and down the sign for a magnetic container of some sort (*shudder*), I spotted the geocache a little further away. This one was trickier to grab because of the amount of water between it and I. But my friend, who had better footwear on then I did, waded through the water and handed me the duct taped container through the trees. Besides the mud and puddles, there was the wind to contend with today. The wind was too strong for signing geocaching names on little rolls of paper so I brought all three log book scrolls into my car so they wouldn’t blow away when I was writing on them.

On the drive home,  I saw a beaver lodge (my friend thought it was a muskrat home) on a body of water I never seen before. Overall, it was another fun outing because of the challenge and the satisfaction of adding my name to the log books. Winter geocaching is now officially over and I can tell myself I found at least one geocache a week during it.