Former Cold Laker Abroad


Someone who used to live in Cold Lake is now working in Kuwait. Last week when he went to an old part of the city called The Market, he saw a lot of wild cats in the area.

He told me, “This part of the city has hundreds of years of history. It’s like Toronto’s Kensington Market but a hundred times larger”. Although he saw the cats being ignored and not fed, he never saw them being abused when he was there. “I do feel particularity bad though about the poor cats looking for and eating food from the garbage”. He never saw any dogs in the streets, but he did see some of the cats approach people; especially if they were close to the restaurants.

These cats may be feral but they are photogenic. He adds, “To all the cat lovers, these cats of Kuwait entail a story of resilience and survival. Despite the harsh reality of living on the streets and the uncertainty about where they will find their next meal, the cats maintain their gentle, quiet and calm demeanor”.