What You Should Know About Measles

Health Tips presented by Tellier Guardian Pharmacy: March 9th, 2017


With the measles being a hot topic these days, here is the lowdown on what you need to know!

Measles is an extremely contagious disease, spread easily through the air. There is no treatment for measles; however, it can be prevented through immunization.

In Alberta, measles vaccine is offered, free of charge, through Alberta’s publicly funded immunization program. Children in Alberta typically receive their first dose of measles vaccine at 12 months of age, and their second dose between the ages of four and six years.  Anyone who was born after 1970 and has received less than two doses of measles vaccine may be at risk if they come into the vicinity of an infected person.

Symptoms of Measles include:

  • fever of 38.3° C or higher
  • cough, runny nose and/or red eyes; and
  • a red blotchy rash that appears three to seven days after fever starts, usually beginning behind the ears and on the face and spreading down to the body and then to the arms and legs.

For further information on routine childhood immunization, visit www.immunizealberta.ca

And for more info on measles visit http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/assets/news/advisories/ne-pha-measles-qa-2016-01-28.pdf

Stop into Tellier Pharmacy to discuss treatment options for Measles.  Though you can’t cure measles, your friendly neighbourhood pharmacists can offer various options to treat the fever and pain associated with measles and symptoms

Remember: Vaccination is the best way to prevent the measles!

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