F in Exams Pop Quiz


Following up his books, F in Exams and F for Effort! Richard Benson has created, F in Exams: Pop Quiz. This book contains 127 pages of incorrect answers students have written on tests, but they are funny, because they are witty. There are nine sections beginning with biology and chemistry and ending with geography. Other subjects include math, physics, English, religious studies, music, history, and business.

Each page has one or two typed short questions. (Describe the role of antibodies. Define a triangle. What is a fresco?) And appearing underneath each question is a hand-written answer. Most are short too (because they are incorrect) but several come with a drawing. There is no indication of who answered the question or what age the student was, but they could be read and enjoyed by junior and senior high students and adults. (In the English chapter, the book includes questions about The Diary of Anne Frank, Lord of the Flies, and A Christmas Carol). Some answers have a bit of truth in them (If a coastal arch collapses, what word would describe the remaining rock? Lonely); some are good guesses (What part of the body is affected by glandular fever? The glandular), but some were written for a laugh (What do we call the currents in the earth’s magma? I don’t know but I always spit them out. I hate currents.)

The illustrated answers add visual humour to the book. “One person drew a woman in a ghost costume under the question that asks, Jane works in a café. She wants to work out if more men than women eat cake. Design an observation sheet for her.”

People who like funny, light reading or those who appreciate imaginative thinking could appreciate a book like this. To win this book, be the first person to email me ([email protected]) a funny answer to this question from the book, “When Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne, what was the first thing she did?”