Scientists at Saint Dominic School

Passion for science comes alive at St. Dominic’s

There were 40 students that participated in Saint Dominic School’s annual science fair on Thursday, March 2, 2017. Participation was on a volunteer basis, not only for students, but for staff and judges. Because the event is a passion for teacher Monique Côté, she’s been organizing the science fair for several years at the school.

“The projects followed the scientific method, ” explained Côté. “The students had to ask a question, write a hypothesis, plan an experiment, analyze the data and results, and draw conclusions”. Of the 27 projects that were included, one studied the effects of certain drinks on teeth. Other students looked at which material makes the best insulator, and what substance works best to lift fingerprints.

Other topics looked at how certain chemicals change temperature when added to water, and which popcorn pops the fastest leaving the least kernels.

The projects were judged by Kristina Avery (science teacher at Assumption School), Annie Asnong (science teacher at Assumption School), Colleen Yoshida (technology support teacher for Lakeland Catholic Schools), Vicky Lefebvre (Lakeland Catholic Schools Trustee and City Council Representative), Mary Anne Penner (Lakeland Catholic Schools Trustee), and Clint Elliott (Technology Director for Lakeland Catholic Schools).

The results of the 2017 Science Fair were as follows:

Grade 4

1st- Ainsley Stasuik and Ilyana Jacknife

2nd- Enzo Rivera and Kenneth Rutley

3rd – Sasha Franchuk

Grade 5

1st- Keira Mullins and Kiana Fan

2nd- Oliver Plaquin

3rd-Isaac Asnong and Maya Asnong

Grade 6

1st- Kai Abe and Aidan Hansen

2nd- James MacNeil

3rd – Benjamin Sylvestre


(Photographs by Monique Côté)