Old Gas Station


When I was in Elk Point this week, I went looking for a few geocaches. I had three picked out and loaded into my GPS. The first one brought me to a side road where I saw this old tractor and huge rock, but the geocache itself wasn’t accessible as it had fallen down into the pipe where it was originally hanging. This is what I figured out after talking to the owners of the cache.

So I carried on to another side road but I only got so far and my vehicle wouldn’t move. I was stuck in the snow. This cache wasn’t winter friendly, at least for my car.

Just outside of Elk Point, there was one hidden called Shovel. Because the snow was knee deep and I had to look under probably close to one hundred or more shovels, I decided to come back for that one when the snow melted. I considered going home empty-handed but concluded my luck couldn’t possibly get any worse, so I continued on outside of Elk Point and found one hidden near a lilac bush where an old gas station used to be. It was a wide open space; lots of area for parking a number of vehicles. I got out of my car and looked at all the traffic that was passing me by, but I went behind the bushes anyway to retrieve it. The cache was pretty big, and I was pretty cold so I came back out of the bushes. I had twigs in my hair but I had this camouflaged container in my hand so I walked proudly back to my vehicle as the traffic went by me again.

You can’t be embarrassed when geocaching. And you can’t worry what others are thinking as you go traipsing off into into nowhere looking high and low for what appears to be nothing.