The Mumps

Health Tips presented by Tellier Guardian Pharmacy: March 2nd, 2017

Outbreaks of mumps in across the country (including Alberta) in the past several months are a reminder that vaccine-preventable infections, including mumps, are still a risk to health.  To reduce the risk to your child, and our communities, we need to ensure as many Albertans as possible are up to date with their mumps immunization. This includes yourself, and your children.

Mumps is a contagious viral infection that can often cause swelling and pain in the jaw (one or both cheeks may look swollen). Some people with mumps won’t have gland swelling, and some may feel like they have a bad cold or influenza instead.

Mumps is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes near you or shares food or drinks with you. A person with mumps can spread the virus seven days before and for nine days after symptoms start, though it is most likely to spread the virus one to two days before and five days after symptoms start showing.

Alberta Health Services is encouraging students and the general public to check to see if those born after 1970 have a second dose of the mumps vaccine.   For more info:

You can also ask the pharmacists at Tellier Pharmacy to check on your vaccination status.

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month

Each March Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM) helps to celebrate and educate Canadians about the contributions that pharmacists make in the delivery of health care.  Pharmacists across Canada have had a widely expanded scope of practice in the past ten years that have them doing more for their patients. We want to celebrate the great strides the profession has made and help educate Canadians about the health care services and advice that their pharmacists are now delivering. CPhA is celebrating PAM 2017 with the theme: Pharmacists: Doing more. For you.

Pharmacists are medication experts and so much more.  By providing new services, such as vaccinations medication management and prescribing for minor ailments and conditions, pharmacists are doing more for their patients than ever before!  At Tellier Pharmacy the friendly neighbourhood pharmacists are constantly redefining patient care and are dedicated to doing more for you!  If you need advice, stop in at Tellier Pharmacy and visit

It’s important that people know pharmacists are there to help, in more ways than they know.  Talk to your pharmacist today!

Safe Snow Shoveling Tips

The weather can make shoveling more difficult. Cold air makes working and breathing hard, which adds some extra strain on the body. Shovelers also are at risk for hypothermia, a decrease in body temperature, if they are not dressed correctly for the weather conditions. With February focusing on heart health, here are some tips when shoveling to ensure you don’t over do it.


Tellier Tips Talks About Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day took place on February 28th but Tellier Pharmacy is encouraging awareness all year round!  This year’s theme is Research! ‘With research, possibilities are limitless’. #careaboutrare #RareDiseaseDay

For more information visit  and stop in to speak with one of your friendly neighbourhood pharmacists.


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