Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins


Lumphy the stuffed buffalo, StingRay the plushy, and Plastic the red rubber ball appear in color for the first time! They previously appeared in the early chapter books Toys Go Out, and Toy Dance Party, and Toys Come Home.

The little girl (the owner of the toys) is away again, and the toys stare out the window in wonder at the first snowfall. They cannot resist going outside-properly attired, of course. They wear what they find around the house. StingRay, who is dry-clean only, asks for a plastic baggie. “Poke me some air holes” she says. Lumphy wears a mitten on his head. The ball says, “I don’t need anything!” and she rolls out the door au naturel.

While they are playing in the snow, they see the sun set. The sky looks just as StingRay describes the scene: “It’s strawberry syrup pouring over the world to make it sweet before nightfall.” Their imagination and innocence come across on every page, especially when they make snow angels and when they describe what they see in the snow. A snow-covered tree is compared to a candy tree that tastes like peppermint. They think snowflakes look like tiny ballerinas and snow feels like a blanket of peace. Before the sunsets, they build a snowman, slide on an ice puddle, and search for long icicles. And before they fall asleep at night curled up on the window seat inside the house, they recall what they did outside through drawings.

Never has snow looked more inviting, peaceful and magical than through these toys’ eyes. I really hope the author and illustrator make more picture books about these unforgettable characters. If you wouldlike to win a free copy of this book, be the fourth person to email me at [email protected] and let me know what you liked to do in the snow as a child.