Super Easy Hero Cape

Whether it’s for you or your kid or your dog, there is never a bad reason to have a super hero cape around, and they are surprisingly easy to make. Older kids can make their own and younger kids can decorate theirs, so it could be a fun party activity. I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND attaching a Velcro closure to the neck, especially for kids and pets, to reduce the risk of choking in the event that the cape becomes hooked on something, but you’re welcome to skip that for teens/adults if you don’t feel it’s necessary.


– sharp scissors or fabric scissors

– old t-shirt or sweatshirt that is the length you want the cape with a neck opening large enough for the wearer’s head to fit through easily (raid the closet or visit a second hand store)

– long ruler or straight edge

– pen or marker that will write on fabric

– Velcro and fabric glue or needle/thread (RECOMMENDED)

– ribbon, iron-on patches, fabric markers, etc. for decorating (optional)

1. Decide whether you want to use the front or back of the shirt as the cape portion. The majority of whichever side you choose will be visible.

2. Turn the shirt inside out and lay it on a table or flat surface with the side you chose for the cape to the top. Smooth the shirt as much as possible, making sure you have it centered.

3. Use the ruler to mark a line from the bottom edge at the very left side up to the left side of the collar where it meets the shoulder seam at the top of the shirt. Repeat for the right side. 

4. Cut on these lines, BUT DON’T CUT THE COLLAR.

5. On the opposite side of the shirt, carefully cut around the collar, leaving it attached to the cape portion. You’ll be left with the round collar and the cape attached. NOTE: If you think that the collar will be too tight, cut a strip of the t-shirt just below the collar instead, then cut the entire collar off.

6. To attach the Velcro, cut the collar and attach Velcro to both sides of the cut. (Sorry the cape color changes here, the teal one was easier to photograph for these steps.)

7. Decorate as desired. DONE.