Geocaching Miracle

I felt like I was geocaching in a snowstorm today. I should have went Saturday when it was warm and sunny out, but I like to stick to my routines, which means I go on Sundays. And this Sunday was snowing like crazy. And the roads were slippery and it was hard to see out my windows. But I went out (a little too far away from home) and found perhaps my favourite cache ever.

I still cannot believe I found it because the hint was misleading (likely on purpose) and I had to find a well-disguised micro cache in a small forest of trees. The coordinates on my GPS were a little off, maybe because of the bad weather, so I looked around for “the hint”. When that didn’t work out, I looked for a winter-friendly area where the geocacher may have stashed this cache. That meant under some kind of tree cover. I was looking at all different angles; trying to see something that looked out of place in the trees.

I didn’t see anything out of place, but then I started using my hands and touching things. That is when I felt something not quite right. And sure enough, that was the cache. It was disguised to look like part of the tree. I could have been searching for much longer, but I lucked out today. Some people say when you geocache you should travel with tweezers. Today, they would have come in handy. But I managed to get the log book out another way. Geocaching can leave you feeling very smart.


I wanted to thank geocachers KassigurlJumper6485. I got some virtual fan mail from them last week that really made me quite happy. I have yet to meet a geocacher who isn’t kind or interesting. The possibility of daily adventure and new friends are some of the few reasons I recommend geocaching to everybody.