Movie Club in Cold Lake

Movie goers who want to see a movie in Cold Lake have two venue choices now; Grand Square Cinema, where they play new releases, or the 4 Wing Theatre on base where the 4 Wing Theatre/Movie Group shows a selection of second run movies. Charles Sévigny, president of the group, says, “As long as one person stops by, we run the movie. We don’t care about numbers”.

The group was created to support the military community, but everyone is welcome to come to the shows. “Wednesday nights we have movies for adults. Friday nights we play movies geared toward teenagers, and Sunday afternoons are movies for kids”, says Sévigny. Every second Sunday, they have a showing of a movie in French. Although there is no cost for military families, and reduced costs for veterans (and their dependent families) and R.C.M.P. (and their dependent families), according to Sévigny the group has kept the costs for civilians on par with the entrance fees at Grand Square Cinema to ensure there is no competition. However, snacks at the canteen at the base theatre are less expensive. (The movie club serves up popcorn in a brown paper bag for $1.00).

Last weekend, there were 82 people out to see Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them. In place of previews, the audience stood for O’Canada. During the movie, no cells phones went off, and at the end of the show, the volunteers stayed to clean up. As I was watching the movie, it felt like I was watching the show with one big, happy family. It was cozy, the audience was well-behaved, and the volunteers cared. After they made popcorn for someone who was waiting, they wrote the person’s first name on the bag, came inside the theatre, and announced to the audience the popcorn was waiting for them on the front desk.

For the Family Day weekend, the theatre on base is showing the Hunger Games on Friday, Good Dinosaur on Saturday, and The Lion King on Sunday. On Wednesday, February 22, they are showing the true story, Hacksaw Ridge.  Sévigny encourages everyone from the community to “get out of their house and come out for the shows”. The money the volunteer-run group makes goes back into the club. They use the money for purchasing movie licensees and replenishing the canteen.

If you would like to see the monthly movie schedule or learn about volunteering for the movie club, find them through Facebook at the 4 Wing Theatre/Movie Group.