A Surprise Beach

There is a series of twelve geocaches down off highway 897 that will take you to a secluded beach. The last cache in the series was tiny and magnetic and about 100 metres away from the beach parking lot. The beach, which I didn’t even know existed there, was beautiful. The sign by the beach said Medley Day Use Area.

There were picnic tables along the shore and paths to walk along. Part of the road through the woods reminded me of the road that runs into the Cold Lake Provincial Park. As I was driving to the next cache, I saw deer, a huge nest, a minion, a decorative rock, and someone on Ethel Lake.


The second geocache was called Marie Lake South End Timmies. The geocache description intrigued me because it referenced a coffee shop drive thru. I thought that might mean I could drive up to the cache and grab it while I was sitting in my car so I was looking for something like that. I wasn’t quite right, but the name did fit this cache in regards to the cache container, its contents, and how you access it. The cache was frozen shut but I managed to open it and sign the log book. Inside this cache were several toy cars and, funny enough, a Hello Kitty statue.


As you drive to this cache, you pass Penner Ranch where they have horseback riding lessons, trail rides, and summer camps. I drove past a lot of open fields, watched as several chipmunks ran across the road, and saw the road to the Cold Lake Fish Hatchery (which holds amazing tours in the summer). And since I was nearby, I drove around the Ethel Lake M.D. Park, and the Marie Lake subdivision. I started geocaching at 9:00 a.m. and got home around 11:00 a.m. It was a great way to start my weekend!