Tree Snake


Today csnail and I went out geocaching in the Lakeland area. On a back road out of Cold Lake we found a tree with a snake in it. The log book we had to sign was down the tree snake’s throat. The snow was deep at times, but not too deep to deter us from finding this fun cache. On the way back to the car, csnail saw mysterious animal prints going up and down the road. We couldn’t positively identify them but they were large and round, and there were a lot of them.

We also found a multi-cache. This cache had two parts to it. We had to find a key (great hiding spot) and then use the key to open the locked canister. Inside the canister were a lot of trade-ables including two travel bugs, a variety of marbles, and a blue Buddha. Each of us found one part of this multi-cache. It took us a few seconds to figure out how to open the canister once it was unlocked, but other then that, this was a great spot with a unique “hotel” story behind it.


We also went to Beaver Crossing, which is cozy little hamlet hidden behind the woods in the M.D. of Bonnyville. We saw where a general store used to be, and the foundations of a house, which we were told burned down in a fire many, many years ago. We knew this would be a difficult geocache to find because of comments left by previous geocachers. Ninja Fairies wrote, “Dusk find…took waaaay too long”, and Silvanna wrote, “Took a little bit to find”, but we were determined to find it and feel smart. After thirty minutes of looking in the trees for a beige bison tube, we asked for help. The owner of this cache came and helped us look! After he looked, he informed us it had gone missing. It may have fell; now buried in the snow. Although the cache was missing we were not disappointed because we got to meet a geocacher who exemplifies who geocachers are (friendly, kind, and go-the-etxra-mile for the love of the hobby), and  csnail found an incredibly small bird’s nest build in a very low bush. As a bird nest appreciator, this was a pretty unique find. And then on the way back to the car we agreed we were relieved the cache was missing and not just well-hidden and we couldn’t find it!