I Love Words

Before starting the activities in I Love Words, readers are prompted to write and sign their name on the first page… and indicate if they are a boy, a girl, or a giant hamster!’
After gathering a pencil, an eraser, and a pair of scissors, they can then start any of the word activities in this book. Crafted of sturdy white paper, each page encourages interaction with letters and words.When this book is finished, it will be filled with original writings, drawings and cut-outs. Inside will be a page of letter cartoons, a mobile filled with light and airy words, and a cake decorated with the reader’s favorite words. Syllables will be counted on one page, and new vocabulary words will be defined on another.

Creativity will be expressed in constructing new bookmarks, word boxes, and the world’s smallest bookstore. Neon orange highlights, child-like sketches, and easy-to-follow directions make this book fun, not intimidating. First published in France,  I Love Words celebrates language arts with a mix of silly and creative ideas. With some help, preschoolers can do several of the activities such as the page which asks the reader to invent imaginary words or list the words they don’t like. Older children can make a batch of talking cookies, learn a bit of French, and create characters out of the alphabet.

This book would be useful for a teacher because the activities all involve literacy, imagination, and sometimes art. The pages can be photocopied and given out to each student or done as a group. I have referred to this book many times at work over the years. With one activity per page, this book contains close to 100 fun things for children to do. And because the pages look so decorate and colourful, it doesn’t look and feel like school work.