How Would You Rate Your Grocery Shopping Skills?

Do you plan your grocery shopping strategy before heading to the store? By strategy, I mean:
• do you create a shopping budget
• do you make a grocery list
• do you map out your route in the store
These are strategies that most people don’t consider, but that can be very helpful in making your grocery shopping trip more economical, healthy, quick and less stressful.

Keeping to a budget, any budget, can be difficult. Sometimes, keeping to a grocery budget, can be most difficult of all.

Plan what you want to spend on groceries and try your best to stay with that amount. Making a grocery list can help with this. Take a calculator (or smartphone) with you if you need help adding up the cost of what you are putting into your cart.

Check out the grocery flyers for any deals on items you would already be purchasing. Look for any coupons to keep costs reasonable.

Grocery List
Scan your fridge, freezer, cupboards and pantry before making your grocery list. Write down any items you need to replenish.

Group your grocery list into categories for quicker shopping, i.e. produce, meat counter, bakery, freezer, canned goods. This way, you’re less likely to forget items when you are at a particular spot in the store.

Most important: try to stick to your list and avoid impulse purchases. Impulse purchases tend to be less healthy items and increase your grocery costs. One tip: don’t shop on empty stomach. Impulse purchases are more tempting when you are hungry.

Map Your Route
Believe it or not, mapping your grocery shopping trip can be beneficial to your budget (and your health). If you know the areas of the store that you need items from (produce, meat counter, etc.), plan to visit only those areas. This way you are less likely to buy items that were not on your list.

Shop the areas where fresh items are displayed first. Visit aisles where boxed, canned and frozen items are displayed sparingly. These items are less healthy containing more fat, sugar and salt.

Be wary of end of aisle or center displays. These items are usually not healthy and not on sale, or cheaper than alternatives. Resist the temptation!

Hopefully these tips make your grocery shopping a little easier and a little healthier. Do you have any great shopping tips you’d like to share. If so, email me at [email protected].

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