Getting Lost


This weekend, because it was six degrees out and not -43 degrees like the other day, I found two geocaches in the Lakeland area. The first took me down highway 55. After a few turns, I found myself on a somewhat deserted road. I knew I was looking for an old house because of the title of the geocache, but my GPS was taking me into the woods where there were clearly no houses like I was imagining. But I looked behind the trees and  sure enough I found it. It was small and camouflaged but still, clearly a house (in good shape). There were no occupants inside, and I’m embarrassed to say, it took me way too long to find out where the log was hidden in this cache.


Part of geocaching is getting lost. As I was driving to the second geocache along the road to the back gate of 4 Wing Cold Lake, I found myself on a dirt road road where there were gravel pits. This is not where I was supposed to be. It was my fault. I didn’t listen when my Google Maps app told me to keep driving straight. I turned instead because I figured it had made a mistake. Although I was on the wrong track, I did enjoy the scenery. I had never seen gravel pits this big before. After I got back on the correct road, I drove past the viewing area on the base where you can watch the jets take-off and land, and I found the picnic shelter I was looking for. There is a school playground nearby and a lot of sheltered picnic tables. There is also a static display of a jet.

I spent the rest of the afternoon loading up eight new geocaches to my GPS and cell phone. This way I am prepared for when I am driving through those areas.