Advice on How to Combat the Flu and Stick to Your Resolutions

Flu Season is in Full Swing!

If you haven’t received your flu shot yet, that’s ok!   Visit Tellier Pharmacy and get your flu shot today and avoid going viral.   It’s Free!  Typically flu season ramps up from January to March.  For more information visit one of your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacists and click on the link below.


Want to kick off 2017 with a fresh new start to your health?

Whether it’s to quit smoking, lose those pesky pounds or just needing an improvement in your overall health, Tellier Pharmacy can help!

If you’re a smoker, one of the great gifts you can give yourself is to quit. Your friendly neighbourhood pharmacists can tailor a plan just for you to help you truly kick that habit!

Tellier Pharmacy can also assist with your diet and health and help enhance your energy level so you feel great!


Let’s Get Physical!

Benefits of being active – Physically active lifestyles have been linked to a decreased likelihood of health problems, including type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, obesity and osteoporosis. Benefits of physical activity include:

  • Better health
  • Improved fitness
  • Better posture and balance
  • Better self-esteem
  • Weight control
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Relaxation and reduced stress
  • Continued independence in life
  • Lower risk of chronic disease
  • Improved sleeping habits

How to get active

Here are 10 tips for becoming physically active

  1. Get started with some gentle stretching.
  2. Explore what types of community activities are available.
  3. Rely on the support of others – ask a friend to participate with you so you can encourage each other.
  4. Don’t be overly ambitious, set realistic goals.
  5. Each day, pick a time that’s convenient for you and commit to participating in some type of physical activity.
  6. Mark your activity times on a calendar.
  7. Try shorter, more frequent sessions rather than the occasional prolonged session.
  8. Make use of everyday movement opportunities such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  9. Prepare yourself for a few lapses but don’t give up.
  10. You cannot just eat your way to good health – exercise must go hand-in-hand with good nutrition.

Get Physical in Bonnyville



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