Ice Fishers Spotted While Geocaching

When it’s -23 outside, with a windchill of -28,  you better hope you can find the hidden geocache fast! Today’s geocache, Lest We Forget, took me about five minutes to find. The coordinates took me to Cold Lake north by the fire hall.

There is a cenotaph beside the building which honours the soldiers who lost their lives when Canada went to war during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Afghanistan War. It was built by the Jubilee Committee in the Town of Cold Lake with the aid of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #211 in 1967.

There was no hints available for finding this geocache but the official geocaching page stated the cache was in a film canister and to BYOP (bring your own pencil). After looking in quite a few places, I found it hanging in a tree. But it was so cold out, I couldn’t open the lid. I had to bring it into my car to thaw a bit and then I was able to open it and take out the log book to sign. The log book in this case looked like a scroll, and it was full, so I squeezed my name in between two others to show I had been there. Then I carefully put it back where I found it. I didn’t use my GPS to find this geocache. I used the free geocaching app I had downloaded onto my iphone.

This app mapped out the caches that were near me at the time and I was able to find it, although the compass jumped around on my phone quite a bit. While I was in the area, I drove onto the ice to take some pictures of people ice fishing on Cold Lake itself. There were approximately twenty people out in their trucks or inside their ice fishing tents near the marina and boat launch. If you’ve never driven on the ice, it’s quite the memorable experience!