New Year, New You… Sound Familiar?

I hope you won’t be disappointed, but the Dish will not be “dishing” out nutritional New Years’ resolutions in this blog.

I have never really understood the idea of New Years’ resolutions. People “resolve” to make a change on January 1st. The changes are usually unreasonable or difficult to achieve. And when they don’t achieve the resolutions they made, they feel like a failure and may not attempt to move forward with those resolutions again… at least until the next year!

Now, while I don’t necessarily agree with New Years’ resolutions, I do believe in goal setting. The difference between the two is that goal setting can take place any time of the year. You can revisit and revamp your goals, without the feeling of failure.

Although I believe in goal setting, I haven’t really used it myself…at least not formally. I tend to “make decisions”, instead, about things I would like to do. Today, I would like to formally make these “decisions” into goals.

I am going to share with you two goals I would like to work on from this point forward:

1. I would like to increase the size of my fruit and vegetable gardens so I can include more choices this spring. I love eating food that I have grown myself.

2. I would like to try and buy more local food, even if it’s just trying to buy more food that’s made in Canada.

In 2017, I don’t want to become a new person; I would like to work on making this person the best version of me that I possibly can. I challenge you this year to NOT make any New Years’ resolutions, but to figure out some goals that would make you feel good about yourself.

What is one goal you would like to make this year? Email me at [email protected].

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