Local Artist is at it Again

Cold Lake artist Elysee Franchuk wasn’t able to get his latest canvas delivered to his studio, so he carried it there. The wooden canvas was over seven feet tall and awkward to carry on a windy night because home was about a kilometer away.

Franchuk is donating Melatonin to the Cold Lake High School. The painting features four different cities; each one having a different mood and atmosphere. Franchuk says, “It should peak everyone’s interest because you can see something new each time you look at it.” It’s been a project Franchuk had been thinking about for the past year, but on the evening of December 30, 2016, he completed it in five hours. He applied chalk outlines to the wood around midnight, and then started adding acrylics.

This past October and November, Franchuk was in Calgary meeting with partners for his Canada 150 structure. He’s scouting locations in Calgary for his maple leaf scaffolding project. Franchuk is looking to keep busy in 2017. “I’m happy to discuss opportunities and jobs  to collaborate with other businesses and organizations,” he said.

His aim is to network and meet new artists from other cities. The experiences he’s had completing numerous murals in the Lakeland area are being documented for a book and a Ted Talk; two goals he is hoping to achieve in the future.