SRT Snoopy Vs Red Baron

I love the Royal Guardsmen’s song Snoopy Vs the Red Baron and the fact that this hidden treasure of the same name is the second most popular (77 geocachers rated it as a favourite as of October 2, 2016) geocache within 16 km of Cold Lake, Alberta. To find it, I walked down a beautiful short trail through the woods. I saw a few blueberries and this Bermuda Triangle pattern of fallen logs.


There is a trick to opening the cache (which can be found on the official geocaching website) but when I figured it out, I signed the log book and saw a variety of small toy dinosaurs and temporary tattoos that were waiting to be traded. Before I headed back to my car, I walked to the nearby dog park and campsite. The dog park has lots of room for dogs to run around in, and the campsite has disc golf. In the winter, there is a hill in the area that is popular with tobogganers.

The owners of this geocache (Team SigShark&Janski) have included a little background reading about Snoopy’s creator, Charles Schultz, and the Red Baron himself under the online description of their geocache. My favourite part of this geocache was what was under it, on the ground. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but there is a long piece of red wood on the ground. Was it from the red plane or Snoopy’s dog house? I don’t know, but when you see them both up there in the trees, you can imagine what must have happened to make one of them lose part of their plane. When I spotted this one, I was twelve meters from the coordinates.

I was smiling as I walked to it, and I was still smiling when I walking back out of the woods.