SRT A-Mazing

Exploring the most popular Cold Lake geocache

What is the most popular geocache in Cold Lake according to It’s called SRT A-Mazing. One hundred and ten people have rated it a favourite. It was hidden on Canada Day, 2016 on the 4 Wing base in Cold Lake. I started hearing about it this summer during the Sails, Rails and Tails Mega Geocaching event that took place in the area this past July. Over those few days, I was asked more than once if I had seen it yet, and told repeatedly, “Make sure you find it before you leave”. These statements were coming from experienced geocachers who had seen a lot of hidden caches and been to a variety of places around the world. Going in, my expectations were high.

This was the short, leafy autumn trail I followed to get there.


And this is what I found at the end.


I was amazed at the construction, the paint job, and the labeling of the cache. I didn’t mind that I had to try four times to get the log book secret door open. I had too much fun trying to figure out how it all worked. After you open the metal latch, you move a small ball around a wooden labyrinth. The silver ball has to drop just so in order for the log book and geocaching trinkets to be released. But if you have good timing and patience, you can do it. I was proud to add my geocaching name to list of people who found this cache, and I quickly shut it all back up for the next person to find. While in the area, I looked at the static jet displays nearby and stopped in at another amazing place on base; the Cinnamon Grove Bakery.

I love their homemade vegan bread. If you don’t get a chance to find spot in the fall, that’s okay, because this is one of those geocaches you can find year-round as it’s off the ground.