Meat Me at the Cove

A trip to Cape Breton found more than “meats” the eye for this Lakeland Geocacher

Meat Me at the Cove has to be one of the most underrated geocaches I have ever found. After reading the clue, “Are we nuts or what?”, I found the micro cache hidden by a bridge. After signing the tiny log book, I was about to leave when I saw these huge silvery rocks in the distance.

I walked up to them to get a closer look as they were like nothing I had ever seen before. They were too big for me to pick-up otherwise I would have put one in the car, but I followed them as each was more spectacular than the next. They lead me to a rocky beach, and I couldn’t believe what I saw when I got there. Inushtuks everywhere! I immediately started gathering rocks (and a bone) to build my own stone person, all the while enjoying the view they seemed to be admiring. My dad and I had this particular beach to ourselves, but we didn’t feel alone because of all the stone figures surrounding us.

From here we walked up a mountain for about twenty minutes. The trail is called Little Grassy, and it rewards you with a panoramic view of the ocean. I found something extra too. A large piece of beach glass. I put it in my pocket and then headed back down. At the foot of the mountain is a hut that sells clam chowder. As I was waiting inside, I learned the man and woman who were at the table beside me had come all the way from Toronto because they were told the Meat Cove clam chowder tasted that good.

We could have stayed longer because there is a campsite there that overlooks the ocean, and four other trails to explore. If you find yourself in Cape Breton one day, this geocache on the northern tip of the island is worth your time.