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I like to give away things I like, so after reading my first weekly book review, if it sounds like something you might like for yourself (or someone else), be the first person to contact me via email, and you will get it, AND a bonus item.


Can monsters make friends? NO WAY! They are monsters. They do things like walk skunks and scare children. In Vernick’s (Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?, First Grade Dropout) latest picture book, Zander the monster changes his beliefs about friendship after a red bird “nod-nod-nodded” at him while he was out relaxing on his surfing. The other monsters tease him when he begins to spend time with the bird, but he cares less and less because he begins to feel “something like a hole inside his monster self” when the bird leaves him. This story contains humorous dialogue (as seen in the two pictures below) and scenes from a relationship that develop over raisin bread and finding lost teeth.

unlike-other-monsters-2 unlike-other-monsters-3


Jack’s (illustrator of Toads on Toast and 1 Zany Zoo) digital artwork features misshapen monsters and pointy-eared fairies with greenish blue and orange skin. The long-tongued skunk in the story pants like a dog. The 3D illustration on the last double page spread can cause an audience of children to scream if the timing of the page turning is done right.

If you would like to win this brand new 40 page hardcover picture book, be the first person to email me ([email protected]) the title of your all-time favourite song, and I will give you this book AND a slightly used Michael Jackson Thriller album. Thank-you for reading. I look forward to meeting you and giving away two things that I have really enjoyed.