Love Your Trail

Hidden Treasure in Cold Lake

Love Your Tail is the name of a hidden treasure in Cold Lake. According to, as of September 3, 2016, it is just one of 412 geocaches that can be found within a 16 km radius of Cold Lake.  Geocaches (or caches as they are also called) can lead you to places you didn’t know existed in your community.


If you follow the coordinates to this one, you will discover a scenic trail with beautiful views of the water. On a windy day you can hear the waves crash. On a warm day, you can hear conversations from people’s boats. On this trail you will see chipmunks and, if you’re lucky, a grouse or two.


If you climb down the hills, you can go rock jumping or rock collecting. On this journey, you will come across a V shaped tree that you can lie down on (you’ll understand when you see it) and wild berries to eat. When you come to the end of Love Your Tail, there is a medium sized Tupperware container squirreled away under a fallen log. Inside it are trinkets and a logbook that was signed by Maple Flag participants, campers, and many families. I took out a sticker and put in a keychain because the rule is when you take a treasure, you leave a treasure.

Today the trail was in good shape. You could smell campfires and see people walking their dogs. But my favourite time to find this geocache is in the spring because I like ducking under or climbing over the trees that have fallen across the path. You can’t get lost or tired finding this geocache (which is rated an easy 1.0) as there are “You are Here” signs and wooden benches all along the trail.

I wonder what I will find next week?