Sunday , 20 September 2020
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Back on the Ice

The Cold Lake Jr B Ice Open Main Camp Friday

Head Coach for the Cold Lake Jr B Ice, Scott Hood, expects 25 young men to be lacing their skates this weekend for main camp and invites the public to Imperial Oil Place to check out the action. The top two requirements Hood wants to see from a prospect,”you have to be willing to show up and work hard.”

You have to be coachable; a hardworker, someone who wants to be here and a good kid. – Scott Hood Head Coach Cold Lake Ice

Hood expects a competitive camp, “we’ve talked to quite a few kids around the area, we’re expecting 25 and hoping a few more come.” In the Northeast Alberta Junior B Hockey League (NEAJBHL) you really have to want to play. Unlike the Jr A many – if not all, of the players juggle work and school with hockey. Hitting the ice has to be a passion and Hood wants to see that on the ice. “I’m expecting eight to ten returning players,” says Hood.

“You have to set your goals. Now that we have one year in, we want to build a good program and change the mentality of the Cold Lake Ice. We’ve done a great job getting the kids out and involved in the community.” Hood says there’s another local coach he takes some ques from, “what Rick Swan does with the Bonnyville Pontiacs. I would like to get to that stage, if you do that, people will want to come out and support the team. I’ve talked to Rick a few times, he’s a great coach and he’s done a great job with the Pontiac organization.” Hood says the club is looking at working more closely with Cold Lake Minor Hockey to help mentor and grow the hockey program in the city from the ground up. “That’ll be a big thing for us to get the community spirit back and give these young kids who are playing minor hockey something to look up to.”

Being competitive is another goal of Hood’s, “I have some good kids coming in and it’s a long way until January, when that main list needs to be. You never know what will happen. It’s not always the most skilled team that wins. It’s the hardest working and the most cohesive group.”

Main camp starts tonight at 6:00pm and runs through the weekend with an exhibition match to be played at 3:00pm on Sunday.  “It’s about these kids and developing them into hockey players and good people; so that’s what we’re going to do.”

If you’d like to become a billet or volunteer for the Cold Lake Ice visit the Ice on Facebook for more information.

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