Thursday , 1 October 2020

2.5 Years for Ashley Jorgenson

Ashley Nicole Jorgenson has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

The 32 year old, Bonnyville woman, has been found guilty of committing multiple cases of fraud and profiting nearly $20,000 dollars from her crimes using fake or stolen credit cards.

There were 18 businesses that came forward and reported to have fallen victim to Jorgensen’s crime spree. Many of the businesses were in the general Lakeland area; Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul, and Elk Point.

Jorgenson, who served time awaiting her trail, has two years and 46 days left in her sentence. She has also been ordered to pay nearly $7,000 dollars in restitution to seven of the affected businesses.


After a lengthy investigation, Cold Lake RCMP caught up to Ashley Nicole Jorgenson, a 32 year-old female from Bonnyville. Ashley Jorgenson has been involved in a string of frauds throughout central and northeastern Alberta. Many victims of these crimes have been local businesses that were targeted using stolen credit cards and credit card numbers. Police are asking anyone with information about any unreported crimes that they believe Ashley Jorgenson may have been involved in to report it to their nearest RCMP Detachment or Municipal Police. Ashley Jorgenson can be identified through the attached photo, as well as the sleeve tattoo of butterflies on her left arm.

Ashley Jorgenson currently faces a total of 56 charges relating to fraud, theft, possession of property obtained by crime, using stolen credit cards, using a forged document, obtaining food and lodging by fraud, fraudulently personating another person, failing to comply with a probation order as well as a recognizance, and being unlawfully at large. Ashley Jorgenson has been remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear in Bonnyville Provincial Court on September 22nd, 2015. Ashley Jorgenson will also be appearing in Cold Lake Provincial Court on September 23rd, 2015, and in St. Paul and Fort Saskatchewan Provincial Courts later next week.

Since releasing information regarding the arrest and 56 subsequent charges on Bonnyville woman, Ashley Jorgenson, in relation the Cold Lake RCMP’s mass fraud file on her, more complaints have come in. Cold Lake RCMP, Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.) Jeremie Landry says he released her image to the public with the hope that if there were any other potential victims out there, they would recognize the image and come forward.

S/Sgt. Landry reports that more people have come forward, “there’s been additional complaints that have come in since the media release, so we’re working through those. We’re putting the investigation together. There was probably two or three additional complaints.”

“When you look at the magnitude of the frauds, when you get that many charges. It’s highly likely that you have other people who have fallen victim and haven’t reported it,” explains St. Sgt. Landry. He suspects there could be even more complaints as the case moves on.

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