Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Meet the Team

Jena Colbourne

Chief Executive Officer & Influencer

Connected! Mornings

The Jena Colbourne Show

As a founding member of the Lakeland Connect team, Jena oversees the content creation of the website and its social media presence.

Armed with a marketing, management and communications background Jena enjoys the creative aspects of Lakeland Connect, as such she is able to navigate the online world with ease.

Chad Colbourne

Director of Client Relations & Influencer

Connected! Mornings

As a founding member of Lakeland Connect Chad oversees the sales department. Working closely with the creative director Chad is able to discover new opportunities for clients.

Known affectionately as Husband Chad, his winning smile & personality create positive relationships throughout the community and region.

Caitlyn Bush

Sales Manager & Influencer

Caitlyn Tries

Joining the Lakeland Connect team in 2018, Caitlyn brings a bubbly personality, drive and enthusiasm to every project. She’s able to discover new opportunities for client sales and create personal campaigns.

With a background in broadcasting, Caitlyn understand the importance of engagement and will help you create meaningful ads that attract the right clientele.

Michael Menzies

Sports Reporter & Influencer

After Hours with Michael Menzies

Bonnyville Jr. A Pontiacs Play-by-Play

Born and raised in Vermilion, he started in May 2018 during his NAIT Radio and Television practicum and reports on local politics, sports, and community issues.

He became the Bonnyville Pontiacs play-by-play voice during the 2019-20 season. He also comments on provincial and national issues.

He also likes to buy books and read some of them.

Elijah Janvier


Elijah joined the Lakeland Connect team in the summer of 2019 after attending  Toronto Film School. Raised on Cold Lake First Nations, Elijah brings a knowledge of the region with his fresh style of videography.

Elijah is excited to be able to raise his young family on Frog Lake First Nations, while working in the community.

Chris Lapointe


Connected! Morning Show

After Hours with Michael Menzies

The Jena Colbourne Show

Caitlyn Tries

Chris is a two-time Vancouver Film School graduate, where he originally studied screenwriting and video games. Returning home to the lakeland post-graduation, he was determined to put what he learned to use.

He brings with him a laid-back attitude and a love for pop culture that he injects into Lakeland Connect original programming.