Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Chris Lapointe

LAPOINTE: Does Cuties push the envelope or cross the line?

To say that Netflix’s new movie about an underage girls dance group is provocative is like looking up at the sky and mentioning how blue it is — which is to say nothing on the uproar the film’s caused around the world. What’s especially interesting is the rave reviews it’s …

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LAPOINTE: Staying young while growing up

As a kid I used to watch a cartoon called Rescue Heroes about rescue personnel with crazy gadgets they used to save people in emergency situations I loved it. I used to own a ton of merchandise like action figures and play sets, and when people used to ask me …

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LAPOINTE: The Broken Home fallacy

Divorce. An unpleasant topic with a much larger place amongst the collective lexicon of our country than in days past. The statistics can be surprising. For example, did you know that today the average age for someone to get their first divorce is 30 years old? Or that 38% of …

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LAPOINTE: Don’t cut out the middle man

Most everything in life has a natural opposite–up vs down, wet vs dry, light vs dark, and especially prevalent today is Left vs Right. Everything is becoming a political issue today, and because of that it’s getting harder and harder to discuss issues of importance without falling into an argument. …

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LAPOINTE: Let’s talk, instead of cancel

It seems that with each passing day, it’s becoming impossible to disagree with someone without them finding some way to call you a Nazi. You may remember the recent story about Leighton Grey, the local lawyer accused by government and judiciary experts of being a racist, sexist, anti-semite, and a …

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LAPOINTE: Tears shed amidst the war on masculinity

“Men don’t cry.” Most men, young and old, have heard these words at some point in their lives. Maybe it was from their father, an elder brother, a friend or acquaintance. What they are, or rather what they’ve become, is an example of what’s been called “toxic masculinity,” a belief …

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