Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Arthur C. Green

Editorial: If this door could talk

I often never tell anyone about my past because it’s something that I’m not proud of. However, if the front door at the former Junctions Nightclub on Water Street in St. John’s Newfoundland could talk, it would tell you that, “I was given this life as a Journalist because I …

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Editorial: To camp or glamp, that is the question

Due to the changing times, technology, and lack of being able to rough it, camping I believe has evolved. However, sometimes you just have to rough it to prove how tough you are to yourself. I mean don’t get me wrong, camping in style has its perks. I have glamped …

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Editorial: Happy Birthday to me!

Well, I made it to age 38, yes I am surprised as you are. Today is my birthday. I’ve done pretty well at this staying alive thing. Maybe because my Mudder prays for me everyday. I have a brother and a sister and my mom worries about me the most. …

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Editorial: Everyone could use a hug

Hug it out, instead of refusing to talk to someone because you don’t agree with them. Hugging has a relaxing and soothing effect on people and there are days that I long to hug my mudder in Newfoundland. Yes, we disagree on many things with each other in our continuous …

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