Sunday , 16 January 2022

About US

About US

Lakeland Connect Media Inc. was founded on a need for current news and information in The Lakeland. In the summer of 2015, creator and editor, Jena Colbourne left local radio, after ten years, to launch the site as a platform to showcase the people, non-profits and businesses that make the region grow. Jena’s background in marketing and promotions, coupled with a decade of experience in local news and media is the driving force behind the site.
With the early success of the site. Jena brought on her husband, Chad to drive sales for the business. Hence, Husband Chad was born.
Forging traditional media with new media, Lakeland Connect is truly unique in its delivery of news, information, events, sports and everything that matters to you!
The team at Lakeland Connect works to get personal with its viewers, and produce a quality product that is both informative and entertaining.


Lakeland Connect Media Inc. strives to showcase the people, non-profits, and businesses that contribute to the success of the region. Lakeland Connect will provide reliable news and information, from the Lakeland, that readers can understand and trust, through a smart, searchable website that is easy-to-use with a clear delivery.


Connecting the Lakeland by delivering the news and information that matters, while showcasing the people and organizations that contribute to the growing success of the region.