About US

Lakeland Connect Media Inc. was founded on a need for current news and information in The Lakeland. In the summer of 2015, creator and editor, Jena Colbourne left local radio, after ten years, to launch the site as a platform to showcase the people, non-profits and businesses that make the region grow. Colbourne’s background in marketing and promotions, coupled with a decade of experience in local news and media is the driving force behind the site.


Lakeland Connect Media Inc. strives to showcase the people, non-profits, and businesses that contribute to the success of the region. LCN will provide reliable news and information, from The Lakeland, that readers can understand and trust, through a smart, searchable website that is easy-to-use with a clear delivery.


Connecting The Lakeland by delivering the news and information that matters, while showcasing the people and organizations that contribute to the growing success of the region.