Wednesday , 6 July 2022
Town of Bonnyville Council art Swearing in Ceremony on October 26th, 2021. Photo Credit: Robynne Henry (Town of Bonnyville)

Council Highlights: Town of Bonnyville for May 24 & June 14



MAY 24 & June 14


There were no members of the public to speak for or against the old Midtown Motel to be converted from a motel to an assisted living facility for seniors and persons with disabilities. The rezoning of the area to an Institutional District passed second and third reading by Council during the meeting.



The Economic Development and Tourism Committee Bylaw received all three readings during the June 14 meeting. Council included five priority focus areas in the 2021-2031 Strategic Plan with one being economic growth. The Committee was formed to fulfill this priority, which will consist of seven voting members along with Town administration staff.



Council provided all three readings to Bylaw No. 1535-22 to create an Events Committee. Councillors Neil Langridge, Kayla Blanchette, and Byron Johnson will sit on the committee, along with members of Town administration. The Town hosting more events was part of the 2021-2031 Strategic Plan and the inclusion of new events, while complimenting current events, is one of Council’s objectives to enhance services.



During the June 14 meeting, two delegations came before Council. Bonnyville RCMP S/Sgt. Sarah Parke gave an overview of what members from the local detachment have been doing in the last quarter. Crime reduction and community engagement continue to be a focus of the local detachment. Representatives from the Dove Centre’s Employment Agency also made a presentation to Council. The agency helps deliver career employment information services to persons with developmental disabilities. They help eligible clients train, seek, and find jobs that will match their skills and personalities. Their presentation was meant to raise awareness about what they offer and to ask if the Town could be included in their community employers.



Council approved two financial contributions during the June 14 meeting. One was to provide $5,000 to the Lakeland Lodge and Housing Foundation for the purchase of two storage sheds for Villa Ouimet. The Town will also provide $250 to the Lakeland Centre for FASD for a bronze level sponsorship for the virtual Lakeland Centre for FASD Conference, which is happening in October.

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