Tuesday , 5 July 2022
The discoloration of the swimming pool water in St. Paul is not a health concern, AHS confirmed.

Green tinge in St. Paul Aquatic Centre water safe and acceptable for use AHS says

It isn’t quite that usual blue water, but it also isn’t a health or safety concern, health officials say.

After the Christmas holidays, the water at the St. Paul Aquatic Centre has a green tinge after a super chlorination treatment of the pool was used to remedy a cloudiness issue. It appears a reaction from this chlorination process turned the water green.

Since then, the chemical treatment applications to the water that have been suggested have not completely cleared up the green color.

In their health tests, Alberta Health Services confirmed that, “The pool water bacteria samples are satisfactory and the pool water chemistry is all within acceptable ranges. The water clarity is acceptable. At this time AHS has no objections to the use of the main pool,” town notes read.

Town council discussed the issue at last Monday’s meeting, following inquiries from residents To completely clear up this issue would be to drain the pool, refill, reapply the salt and reheat the entire system.

Council believes this type of work is best done in the fall, outside of the pool’s busiest season.

“We always have Alberta Health Services come through here and work on the waters and test, but [it’s really] for parents to know there really is nothing wrong with the water,” said Mayor Maureen Miller on The Morning After. 

“It’s our prime season. And obviously, we’ve got lessons planned, we’ve got summer programs going on here. So we definitely don’t want to drain the pool for a ten day purpose when there’s really nothing wrong. It’s just an odd color. But we will address it in the fall.” 

A chemical engineer has sampled the water and will provide the Town with a better determination of the source of our problem in order
to make decisions on how to prevent the discoloration from happening in the future.

In the meantime, swimming lessons continue with summer programming to start soon at the St. Paul Aquatic Centre.

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