Friday , 27 May 2022
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Curatorial Manager at Cold Lake Museums has message for vandals

A recent vandalism attempt at Cold Lake Museums has the Curatorial Manager very upset.

“This is very distressing for us,” Curatorial Manager Linda Dunn said on social media. “On Easter Sunday, two vandals wearing masks biked up to the museum complex for the sole purpose of vandalism.”

Luckily they couldn’t get inside the fence, or the damage they could have done would have taken the heart right out of us, Dunn added.

“As it is, they spray painted some illiterate graffiti-scribbled tagging on our sign and our dumpster,” Dunn said. “Luckily again, no profanity, just scribbles that doubtless mean something to them but no one else.”

Dunn said the vandals tried to get inside the gate and couldn’t.

“Imagine the damage they would have done to our buildings and outdoor displays,” Dunn said. “At the upper gate, their frustration is shown by the deliberate destruction of bike park property. Staff at the museum, busy getting ready to open for the coming season, have been sidelined to deal with this, combing through camera footage, talking to police, etc.”

Dunn said anytime this kind of thing happens. It affects their ability to do their jobs of creating a wonderful visitor experience for everyone.

“It also costs us money to clean up or replace our sign, so maybe an exhibit must be pared down to make up for the expense,” Dunn said. “The museum is a service to the community, and it is really disheartening to have it treated with such disrespect. My message to whoever did this- Grow up.  Respect your community.  Do something useful.  Be someone useful.”

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