Friday , 27 May 2022

St. Paul / Vermilion RCMP focus on seatbelt safety for Month of March

You better click or face the ticket. Let’s face it, seatbelts save lives.

St. Paul / Vermilion RCMP Traffic Services advise the public that focus during the month of March is enforcement of Occupant Restraints (Seatbelts & Child Car seat) as per the Government of Alberta Safety Calendar.

RCMP and other Enforcement agencies will be targeting violators regarding non-compliance with the wearing  of seatbelts, the improper use of seatbelts (wearing shoulder strap behind your back, under your arm etc.) and checking child restraints for a proper fit and securement. Please refer to your child seat owners manual as well as your vehicle owners manual for information regarding the proper securement of child safety seats.

In 2021, RCMP issued more than 6000 seatbelt violation tickets in Alberta.

Drivers and passengers must wear an occupant restraint unless under special exemption which requires a letter from your medical doctor. This letter must be renewed annually.

Drivers are responsible to ensure children in the vehicle aged 6 to 16 (or younger than 6 who weigh more than 40lbs) are wearing a belt. Children who weigh less than 40lbs must be secured in a properly installed child restraint.

The risk of fatality or serious injury when involved in a collision are drastically reduced when seatbelts are worn properly.

Penalties for not complying with occupant restraint laws come with a $162.00 fine. GDL drivers will also receive two demerit points if they drive with more passengers than there are seat belts.

For more information regarding occupant restraint laws and further information regarding how to properly choose a child safety seat, please visit the Government of Alberta website  at https://www.alberta.ca/occupant-restraint-laws.aspx

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