Saturday , 28 May 2022

Ward 2 Councillor of MD says Lakeland municipalities will need to coordinate to bid on Winter/Summer Games

Ward 2 Councillor of the Municipal District of Bonnyville (MD) Darcy Skarsen stated on social media that “The Town of Bonnyville will support a bid to host either games along with the MD of Bonnyville and the City of Cold Lake.

“Here’s an update on the 2024 Alberta Summer/Winter Games bid application,” Skarsen said. “It will take the collaboration of all three municipalities to successfully host such an event.  The MD and City have a joint Council meeting on Tuesday which this topic will be discussed, from there we will have better direction on how this looks.”

In the regular council meeting at the Town of Bonnyville last week, elected officials discussed about a cooperation with Cold Lake and the MD of Bonnyville after a letter was received for an invitation to bid on the summer or winter games.

“l encourage your community to consider this invitation and the many benefits that can result from hosting this event,” Ronald Orr, Minister of Alberta Culture wrote in the letter to the town. “The Alberta Games are key in Alberta’s Recovery Plan and provide an economic impact of approximately $3 million to a host community. A successful host community is offered the opportunity to showcase its community and talents to approximately 3,000 participants from all regions of the province, along with numerous spectators and special guests.”

Councillor Skarsen says there are a few notes about the bid process and games:

  • The Alberta Games will bring in 3000 athletes and their families which will generate $3,000,000 in revenue for local business over a 7-10 day period
  • They will require ~1500 volunteers in a number of different capacities
Letter of intent to bid is due March 25 with letters of support from each municipality.  The bid itself is due April 29 and awarded in June.
“This is a huge commitment but it’s also something this area needs to look forward to over the next two years of preparation,” Skarsen said. “It’ll come with huge economic spinoff, facilities upgrades and give many a sense of community spirit which might be the largest benefit.  The Lakeland can do great things when it comes together and this is a prime example.”
If anyone is interested in becoming a key volunteer member, please Skarsen know at 780-812-3481 or [email protected]

The Minister of Alberta Culture has extended a letter to all municipalities an invitation to bid on the 2024 Alberta Winter or Summer Games so there may be some competition for the Lakeland.

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