Saturday , 28 May 2022

Retired Fire Chief Headley Dennill of the Dewberry Fire Department passes away

The County of Vermilion River Fire Services are mourning the loss of retired Fire Chief Headley Dennill of the Dewberry Fire Department.

Chief Dennill was a founding member of the Dewberry Fire Department and served nearly 50 years, including a large number of years as Fire Chief.

Under his leadership the Dewberry Fire & Rescue department grew and modernized, providing a high level of service to the Village of Dewberry as well as to the County.

“The loss of such an involved person in the Dewberry community history is felt across so many faucets of our firefighters,” Director of Protective Services in the County of Vermilion River Kirk Hughes said. “Chief Dennill inspired so many to join, mentored our current officer corps in Dewberry and made a sizeable impact, not only on our County Fire Service, but in every activity he was involved in. On behalf of the County Fire Service, and retired Fire Chief Orest Popil, I extend my sincere condolences on the loss of such a legend in our Fire Service family and our collective history.”

Dewberry Firefighters will be attending the funeral, along with other County Firefighters, Council members, and former firefighters. A duty crew has been assigned to the Dewberry Fire Station for the duration of the funeral to allow all Dewberry Firefighters to attend the funeral without compromising public safety.

Lakeland Connect sends condolences to the all family and friends of retired Fire Chief Headley Dennill.

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