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SPORTSHOUND: Nothing is going to stop us now

Tales from the Timebox: February 8th, 2022

U15 Avalanche

Funny how things change from one week to the next. Last weekend the Vermilion Tigers U15 team visited the Avalanche and no matter what the Avalanche did they could not score on their goaltender. Wasn’t because they didn’t play well. The Avalanche outshot the Tigers 2 to 1. And some real quality shots to boot. One week later, this past Sunday in Vermilion the Avalanche buried the Tigers six feet under, the final score 8 to zip win. Same Tigers goalie in the cage that stoned them the week before. Strange but true! Alex ‘Plywood’ Patterson the Avalanche goalie shuttering the house getting the shutout. Team captain Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand showing them how it’s done, leading by example scoring three goals and adding three assists. Getting off his leash and was impossible to catch, Evett ‘Snoop Dog’ Smereka buried two bones into the mesh. Clayton ‘Cha Ching’ Toews cashing in with a goal and two assists. Tray ‘Scooby Doo’ Thomas – Calliou on the board with a goal and an assist. Raif ‘Rug Rat’ Evans Anderson doing the same, also with a goal and an assist. Two helpers for flying wingman ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine. Brendon ‘Blue Line’ Haesch, Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Quinney -Dumont all with one assist each as well.

U13 Avalanche

Almost nothing will stop a minor hockey team from travelling to an important game. Maybe an ice storm, but even then, they would likely lace up their skates and push the truck there. A good example was this past Friday night when the weather was less than ideal. It had been snowing and blowing most of the day. The U13 Avalanche loaded up the convoy and headed south to Vermilion to take on the Tigers in an evening game. But at least the trip was worthwhile, the Avalanche coming home with the two points. But it didn’t look good at all to start with. Not the weather, or the game. After the first period the score was 3 to 1 in favor of the Tigers. The Avalanche down by two goals. And it stayed that way for two full periods. But the Avalanche put on their rally caps in the third period and scored five unanswered goals. The last one of into the empty net, when the Tigers desperate pulled the goalie for the extra attacker in the final minute. ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan with a hat trick. ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fontaine with a goal and an assist. Jaxon ‘Smitty’ Smith and Liam ‘Sledgehammer’ Swedgen each adding a goal. The big D man Kale the Hawk’ Ockerman with an assist. Of course, there’s a really good chance there were more assists in this game not listed on the game sheet. The young officials have a tough time keeping up with the play and miss them. But let’s give them the credit they deserve for getting out there and doing a thankless job. We wouldn’t even be able to play the game without them. Hats off to all the young on the ice officials. And to all the older ones in stripes for mentoring them!

On Saturday afternoon the U13 travelled to Marwayne to take on the Marwayne/Dewberry Colts. The storm had blown itself out by them so the drive was much easier. The Avalanche winning this one 8 to 3. Four goals and two assists for Wild Wyatt. Without a Trace sniping two goals and two assists. The Hawk with a goal and an assist. Sledgehammer with a goal. Two assists for ‘Boe Dog’ St. George. Remington ‘Steel’ Reynolds and Jackson ‘J.R.’ Rawlake setting up one each. Owen ‘Ollie the Goalie’ Grykuliak facing 30 shots.

Playing three games in three days might be a test of endurance for any team. The U13 were just a little tired and their performance may not have been up to par on Sunday when they hosted the same Tiger’s team as Friday night. But we also have to give credit to the opposition. The Tigers seemed to be very equally matched with our Avalanche and the game could go either way. This game ended in a three all tie. Overall, it was a great weekend for the Avalanche. Obtaining five out of a possible six points is not too shabby. Sledgehammer with a goal and an assist. Without a Trace adding a goal to his weekend total. Remington Steel with one goal. Boe Dog and Wild Wyatt each with an assist.

U18 Avalanche

The U18 hosted Provost on Friday night. Same thing, bad weather but at least we didn’t have to do the travelling. Except for a good number of our players do live out of town, so for them the trip wasn’t the best. Either was the game. The Avalanche not faring very well in this one losing 9 to 3. Two goals for ‘Saint Nic’ Penner. Sam ‘the Spiderman’ Rogal with one. Logan ‘Leo’ Lemay and ‘Kamikaze Kid’ Kade with the helpers.

Then on Saturday afternoon the U18 hosted Lloydminster in a much closer match that ended in a five all tie. I believe the Avalanche could have won this one with a little less time spent in the penalty box. The Blazers scored the tying goal with under two minutes on the clock, when the Avalanche were short- handed. In fact, the Avalanche had a three goal lead at one point. And three of the Blazers goals were scored while on the power play. Josef ‘Big Red’ Therialt opened up the scoring with his first goal of the year. ‘Big Red’ has great size and used it by parking his big rig right in front of the goal crease. Not many players could budge him when his parking brake is set and his wheels are chocked. Seth ‘Motorman’ Morton celebrated his 16th birthday that day with a the second goal of the game. Motorman pick pocketed their defenseman and lit the birthday candle putting one up on top shelf. Slippery Mick Jager Fontaine dodging about three checks to get to the net, he then deked out the goalie with a smooth move. Mick added two assists in the game. Sam ‘Spiderman’ Rogal and Timmy John Jr. with one goal each. Kamikaze Kid Kad with a couple of helpers. The free- wheeling defenseman Saint Nick with one assist as well.

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