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Fire in La Corey at Lakeland Country Inn destroys cabin, flares up again this morning

A fire at Lakeland Country Inn cabins last night has flared up again this morning.

Station 4 Iron River and Station 6 La Corey responded at 6:40 a.m. this morning to a structure fire in the 5000 block of 49 Street in La Corey.

“This was the remains of the fire that happened last night and there was enough heat retained overnight to still be steaming this morning which caused some concern for nearby residents,” Regional Fire Chief Dan Heney of the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority told Lakeland Connect.

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Last night on the scene, Regional Fire Heney told Lakeland Connect, “6:25 p.m. this evening Station 4 Iron River and Station 6 La Corey were dispatched to a structure fire in the quarry just behind the Esso gas station, which is a small group of rental cabins.”

While the fire was still smoking Heney said “We got one structure that is pretty much fully burned with some damage to the adjacent structure.”

The fire was quickly brought under control by the BRFA as they worked with Apex utilities to get the gas off to the structure so they could completely put the fire out.

Lakeland Connect asked Chief Heney if there was any danger with the fire being close to the Esso gas station.

“No, the fires are still a pretty good way from the gas station,” Heney said. “And it hasn’t affected the building right beside it, there’s a pretty, good space in between those buildings from the gas station so the gas station will be safe.”

The Esso station was not affected, however, Heney says that BRFA crews remain on scene at the cabins behind the store.

“Crews remain on scene overhauling the remains and heavy equipment from the MD is being brought in to expedite the process,” Regional Fire Chief Dan Heney said. “The fire last night in the 5000 block of 49 St in La Corey fully involved the unit that it started in and there is nothing salvageable from the unit.”

Radiant heat from the fire did some damage to the vinyl siding of the adjacent unit, but there was no impact to the structure of that unit.

“Due to the configuration of the utility supply within the complex, power and gas to many of the units remains disconnected,” Regional Fire Chief Dan Heney said. “A rapid response from Station 4 Iron River and Station 6 La Corey and a strong Northwest wind contributed to the fire damage being mostly contained to the unit of origin despite it being fully involved when crews arrived.”

Station 5 Bonnyville provided pumper and tanker support to the incident, and heavy equipment from the MD maintained access to the scene by clearing a heavy snow load off the driveway entrance to the complex.

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