Saturday , 28 May 2022
Lac La Biche

Lac La Biche Council provided with a summary of grant applications

On February 1, in the regular council meeting, Carl Kurppa, Grants and Community Funding Coordinator presented elected officials with an update on available funding for various community initiatives. Kurppa provided a summary of the grant applications provided under the Recreational/Cultural Operating Program, Capital Projects Assistance Grant Program, and the Community Development Grant Program.

After receiving the information Council will invite community groups and organizations who have yet to present their funding requests to Council. From there Council will decide which projects to fund.

“There are three organizations applying under the Recreational/Cultural Operating Program that have not applied in the past. Council will need to determine whether these organizations qualify for funding,” Kurppa said. “The requirements for an organization is they must be operating a recreational cultural organization and they must have a facility be incorporated. Their eligible activities would be their sort of core base expenses, the things related to delivering their service.”

To apply organizations must fulfill the mandate as a recreational cultural operating organization, Kurppa added.

“It would be for a 12 month period so one fiscal year and the funding is based on the previous year’s operating expenses. So it’s based on their financial statements, the expenses that they have in there. Some expenses are not eligible for funding, some are eligible for funding at 100 per cent,” Kurppa told Lac La Biche County. “And those would be expenses like insurance, utilities, things like that. And some expenses are eligible for 30 per cent funding.”

The Recreational Cultural Operating Program

The Recreational Cultural Operating Program received 18 applications totaling $621,816. There is a budget of $454,909 available for this program. Last year, $447,806 in funding was disbursed. Three of the organizations applying under the Recreational/Cultural Operating Program are organizations that have not previously received funding.

Kurppa then proceeded to outline the Capital Projects Assistance Grant program to elected officials.

“Once again the deadline for submissions is the same (Oct 31). We have two funding streams, we have a stream for $10,000 and under and a stream for over $10,000,” Kurppa told Council. “Eligible expenses would be, they could range from large projects, renovations construction of a new building to smaller things like equipment purchases.”

Kurppa told Council, “The important thing here is the funding levels. So the policy says administration’s recommendations will comply with this and it will only be up to 50 percent of eligible costs.”\

Capital Projects Assistance Grant

The Capital Projects Assistance Grant received 10 applications totaling $308,078. The available budget for this program is $216,420.

Kurppa said Council can choose to fund higher, that simply dictates how the administration will make the recommendation.

Community Development Grant

Kurppa then outlined the Community Development Grant program to Council.

“We have two streams for this as well,” Kurppa said. “The stream for under $10,000 can be its rolling intake throughout the year, the stream for over $10,000 is the one where the deadline is October 31.”

Kurppa says for this grant, is specific to organizations that fulfill a community development mandate.

“So very similar to organizations like things that FCSS would fund except for the fact that the parameters are broader,” Kurppa said. “FCSS has certain restrictions. Regarding whether or not they can fund operational costs and things of that nature. This program evolved out of the need to fund things more broadly so we can cover operational costs. There’s no specific limit to the funding, so they can request as much as they like the throttling limit or the limitation.”

The Community Development Grant received 4 applications totaling $193,171. The available budget is $175,000. Last year, $200,000 in funding was provided to five organizations.

2022 Budget

The costs to the County of Lac La Biche are based on the available budget:

  • Capital Projects Assistance Grant: $216,420
  • Recreational/Cultural Operating Program: $454,909
  • Community Development Grant: $175,000

This funding is approved in the 2022 County budget.

Council will now bring in the community groups and organizations that have not yet presented their funding proposals in front of Council. After these delegations, Council will determine which projects to fund.

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