Saturday , 28 May 2022

Ottawa Police Service says no incidents of violence or injuries reported during large demonstration

Large crowds remained in the downtown core throughout the night in Ottawa and were actively managed by the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).

“Officers encountered several challenges with demonstrators, including sporadic road blockages by trucks, which officers worked to clear,” the Ottawa Police Service said in a news release on Sunday, January 30, at 8:10 a.m. “These high-risk situations were de-escalated and resolved with no arrests.”

Police are patrolling throughout the downtown core, managing the movement of protestors and trucks which have been spread out across the nations capital causing a grid lock in the city.

A Facebook user posted this picture today to show that the Terry Fox statue is being respected in Ottawa. Facebook.

“We are also responding to calls for service throughout the city,” The OPS stated. “The OPS and our partners continue to focus on keeping the peace in and around the demonstrations and maintaining emergency access lanes while addressing any threatening high-risk behaviour. We continue to have a very large police presence today at all large demonstration locations. Please follow the directions of the police, emergency responders and City officials.”

“National monuments will be protected and should be respected by all. Barricades are installed to block any vehicular access to the path in front of the National War Memorial,” The OPS stated. “Do not travel to the downtown core. For residents and businesses in the core, police are working to mitigate the impacts of the demonstration, such as gridlock and parked vehicles. We thank residents and business owners for their patience.”

There have been no incidents of violence or injuries reported, the OPS concluded.


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