Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Freedom Convoy 2022 says, “This movement is a peaceful protest and we do not condone any acts of violence”

The Freedom Convoy has inspired truckers from across Canada, the United States, and now the world says Benjamin Dichter, Team Member of the Freedom Convoy on their GoFundMe page.

“The Freedom Convoy to Canberra is one example and has already started in Australia,” Dichter wrote in a update posted to their page. “Their GoFundMe campaign has already raised $63,569. To support their fight in taking back their freedoms, please click here to donate!”

“Some of the most influential, intelligent, and rational world industrious leaders like Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and others, have repeatedly expressed their support for Canadian truckers and the working people who are fed up with our global leaders infringing on our rights and freedoms,” Dichter said. “However, we cannot achieve our goals if there are threats or acts of violence. This movement is a peaceful protest and we do not condone any acts of violence.”

“We live in a world where the pervasiveness of the internet and instant global communication gives more power to words and ideas than any physical weapon – making it a powerful tool that can be used against tyranny and authoritarianism. This is why they censor us and why we must remain peaceful no matter the cost,” Dichter said. “We already know there will be activists working at the behest of global authoritarians and think tanks to sabotage our movement. Because of this, we must have a zero-tolerance approach to aggressive behaviour and violence. Please remain calm and loving to one another.”

Dichter says they cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to do the following:

  • DO NOT enter any government building or government property under any circumstances.
  • Treat all police officers with respect. Front line police officers are already under significant pressure from powerful politicized individuals and local politicians. They are our fellow Canadians, and the police in regions like Peel defended us when they refused to enforce Doug Ford’s draconian Covid restrictions on citizens last year. Please do not put front line officers in a difficult position. Always be respectful, even if they issue you a citation. Just know that most of them are doing so under duress.
  • Keep calm. If you see individuals attempting to bait other truckers and attendees into conflict, report them to the police and our staff, or look to others around you to help with de-escalation. Sometimes it merely requires one calm head in a group to temper us all. Don’t hesitate to be the negotiator!
  • Do not make any type of threat. Threats lead to escalation, which could lead to violence. Please do your absolute best to stifle any aggressive rhetoric. As you know, the legacy media will be present and will use this as ammunition against our movement. Their business model is built on a strategy of destroying reputations. Do not help them profit from destroying your reputation.

“If we keep calm and show love and support for one another, many things will happen,” Dichter said. “We will eventually cause the government to reverse its policy on Covid passports and vaccine mandates as the UK has recently done. We will meet new friends, develop relationships, and there will likely be people who meet during this peaceful protest and fall in love and build a life together. Let’s not sacrifice such a bright future for all of us by loosing our temper.”

“This is the first step in a long journey to a new golden age of freedom and understanding for one another. Let’s build that future together,” Dichter wrote. “There will be a follow up press release after the leaders of the Convoy For Freedom arrive in Ottawa, outlining the date and time for our press conference. Be good and love one another. Sending much love and positive vibes to you all!”


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