Friday , 20 May 2022

New pool will cost Town of Bonnyville between $20.1 to $21.9 million

The capital cost estimates for building a new pool in Bonnyville are roughly $20.1 to $21.9 million which was discussed at a recent special Town of Bonnyville Council meeting.

In 2019, the Town of Bonnyville and the MD of Bonnyville jointly requested a Regional Aquatics Centre Visioning and Feasibility Study
by RC Strategies + PERC and BR2 Architecture firm.

On January 18, during a special Town of Bonnyville council meeting, council members heard the results.

Elisa Brosseau is the Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville.

“Council made a motion to accept the feasibility study of the new pool,” Mayor Brosseau told Lakeland Connect. “Which was the final piece to the pool committee work that started a few years ago.”

Mayor Brosseau says the feasibility study was a partnership between the MD and the Town. Creating a committee of members at large and municipal representatives to work with a consultant firm to determine the wants and needs of the community for a new pool and present options and costs to councils.

“The study presented to Town council showed two options of a brand new pool, both located at the C2,” Mayor Brosseau said.

The current cost of running the existing pool to the Town of Bonnyville is $540,000 The study estimates that the new aquatic centre will require a subsidy provided by the town in the range of $850,000, which is an increase of $300,000.

There are two options presented in the study are: option one is $20.1 million and option two is $21.9 million, both being located at the C2.

The designs for the new aquatic centre both include a six-lane pool with a separate area for leisure aquatics which offer different ways to get wet such as a splash park and a water slide. There will also be viewing rooms, a first-aid post, and a place for birthday parties to be held.

“Council made a motion to go ahead with the new pool, with construction and operating costs being shared with the MD of Bonnyville,” Mayor Brosseau told Lakeland Connect. “As well as, leveraging provincial and federal grants to fund the project.”

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