Saturday , 28 May 2022

Lakeland Connect employees participate in Bonnyville Health Foundation Dry February Challenge

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a fun and easy way to make a difference for our local hospital this February and two Lakeland Connect employees are taking part.

Chief Executive Officer and Influencer Jena Colbourne will face off against Journalist Arthur C. Green in the Dry February Fundraising Challenge to help raise funds for our local Bonnyville Health Foundation.

Dry February is a challenge to go alcohol-free in February to help me kick start their health goals while raising funds to make a difference for our local hospital.

Dawn Weber is the Executive Director of the Bonnyville Health Foundation.

“This is our first time hosting an event like this,” Weber told Lakeland Connect. “With this being a milestone year for the Bonnyville Health Foundation, we are excited to introduce some new community events in 2022.”

The foundation hasn’t set an overall fundraising goal for the event, however, no donation is too small.

“We haven’t put the pressure on ourselves with a specific goal in mind, but we hope this serves as an opportunity to spread the word that No donation is too small,” Weber said. “Every dollar makes a difference for our local healthcare initiatives.”

Weber says while they encourage all donations to be made online, they realize this isn’t always possible.

“If you have a supporter who would like to pledge by cash or cheque, please contact us for local pick-up, or we would be happy to provide a mailing address,” Weber said. “If you have personal reasons that supporting our local hospital is important to you (or taking a full month off from consuming alcohol), we urge you to share that with your friends as well- people will be inspired by you.”

To pledge by visit www.bonnyvillehealthfoundation.org/donate/ today! Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

“Thank you so much for your support,” Weber said. “Happy pledge-raising.”

About Arthur C. Green

Arthur C. Green is an award winning journalist and is from Whitbourne Newfoundland. Green graduated from the CNA Journalism Program. Arthur also studied Business Marketing and Political Science at Memorial University in Essex England and St. John's Newfoundland. Green has worked for such organizations as CBC, CBC Radio, NTV, Saltwire, Great West Media, CKLB Radio, River Radio, Vista Radio, and Postmedia. He also loves Jiggs Dinner and can fillet a Codfish.