Wednesday , 18 May 2022

NLPS shifting some classes to online learning because of COVID-19 outbreak

Some schools under the Northern Lights Public Schools division have shifted to online learning because of COVID-19 infection.
Lakeland Connect has learned that a Grade five class from H.E. Bourgoin School made the switch as class attendance numbers dwindled.
Nicole Garner works in Communications for the NLPS.
“We have shifted the class online temporarily,” Garner told Lakeland Connect when we asked about the Grade five class. “There are many factors we look at including if students and/or staff have tested positive, how many absences are in the class, and the availability of the teacher or a substitute to teach in-person classes.”
But H.E. Bourgoin School is not the only school affected.
“We also shifted a grade 1 class at Duclos to online learning yesterday,” Garner said. “Throughout the division the number of COVID a cases reported to us by parents and staff is increasing, student absences are increasing, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find substitute staff to fill in for teachers and support staff who are ill.”
Yesterday NDP Health Critic David Shepherd issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s COVID-19 update by the Alberta Government.

“At today’s COVID-19 update, Health Minister Jason Copping outlined the severe strain that Alberta’s healthcare system is facing due to this fifth wave of the pandemic, but took no responsibility for his own role in failing to prepare.”

“There are more Albertans in hospital with COVID-19 than ever before, and the UCP refuses to take basic measures to slow spread in schools, workplaces, or post-secondary institutions.”

“Frontline healthcare workers are severely burnt out, exhausted, and short-staffed while we make our way through this fifth wave of the pandemic.”

“While I’m glad Jason Copping was able to isolate at home following his infection with COVID, many Alberta workers are forced to go to work with COVID because of the choices of his government.”

“Alberta continues to have the lowest level of youth vaccination rates in the country. If the UCP were serious about addressing this, they would be removing barriers for families to get their kids vaccinated by offering paediatric vaccines in schools and at pharmacies.”

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