Saturday , 28 May 2022

County Firefighters kept busy yesterday due to weather and freezing rain

It was a busy day yesterday for County Firefighters as the weather and freezing rain dispersed over the Lakeland.

“Yesterday was a steady day for County Firefighters as they responded to a series of calls, some related to the weather and freezing rain,” says, Fire Chief in the County of Vermilion River Kirk Hughes.

Marwayne Fire was dispatched for a serious medical emergency north of Tulliby Lake.

“Firefighters from Marwayne and Dewberry Fire and Rescue responded alongside County #9-1 and Medavie Health Services West EMS,” Fire Chief Hughes told Lakeland Connect.

Fire Chief Hughes says Vermilion Fire was toned out for a motor vehicle collision with injuries.

“Vermilion Fire and Rescue Society Firefighters responded and one patient was removed and handed over to EMS,” Fire Chief Hughes said. “Blackfoot Fire was alerted to an activated smoke alarm within the Hamlet of Blackfoot. Crews attended the scene and determined the alarm was false. Blackfoot Fire and Rescue returned to quarters.”

Dewberry Fire was dispatched to a co-medical within the Village. Firefighters provided patient care until handed over to busy EMS staff, Fire Chief Hughes added.

The County Peace Officers were also active, patrolling the slippery back roads looking for stranded motorists, and checking on isolated properties and residents all across the region.

“The RCMP was dealing with a report of a vehicle theft in the north district,” Fire Chief Hughes said.

The Fire Chief says during the calls yesterday motorists made the situations more dangerous by failing to yield to emergency vehicles.

“Yesterday, during these priority responses, two separate incidents occurred where motorist failed to yield to emergency vehicles. They simply ignored the red/white lights and multi-phase sirens,” Fire Chief Hughes told Lakeland Connect. “Not only does that put people in jeopardy – but it is also illegal. Yesterday’s road conditions made responses dangerous for our responders, most of them volunteers, add in inconsiderate motorists, and time was lost – precious time. The information collected from our in-camera recording systems has been passed over to law enforcement – tickets are being issued.”

Fire Chief Hughes says part of the Driver License exams is the question “What do you do when you see emergency lights behind you?”

“The answer is pulling to the right and stop,” Fire Chief Hughes said. “The emergency we may be responding to might be yours.”

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