Wednesday , 18 May 2022
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Glendon School participates in GLOW day

Students at Glendon School had the place glowing recently. Students worked with glow paint and highlighters as they completed literacy and numeracy activities.

It was a groovy time at the school as they participated in glow stick dance parties and got creative with their artistic abilities by making glow art in darkened classrooms illuminated with only black lights.

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“Our whole school engaged in various activities incorporating GLOW into their classroom lessons,” Assistant Principal Jacqueline Densmore told Lakeland Connect. . “As an APPLE School, Alison Walker brought in the idea to our staff from a wellness lens in hopes of creating a school-wide atmosphere of fun and engagement in a new light with learning.”

Submitted by NLPS

Walker expressed to staff the importance of giving students an opportunity to learn out of their normal routines.

“Our staff all jumped at the opportunity to join in and create an amazing experience for our students,” Assistant Principal Densmore said. “Some students engaged in math games and class assignments using invisible ink and highlighters, which came alive under the blue lights. Mrs. Walker was amazed in her room with the student engagement and amount of work students were producing just to see their work GLOW.”

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Assistant Principal Densmore says, other students engaged in glow stick dance parties in physical education class and ignited their artistic abilities through glow art.

One of the elementary students expressed, “Glow day was really fun. I liked having all of the lights out in class and the glow dance party in the gym was superb! It was fun seeing everybody glow. I hope we do this again.”

Submitted by NLPS

A fun activity put off by the amazing staff at Glendon School to lift students’ spirits and their smiles.

“As we navigate through our current circumstances, we are finding our ability to connect between grade levels as a Pre K – 12 school is limited and requires creativity as a school,” Assistant Principal Densmore said. “Therefore, Mrs. Walker expressed that a GLOW Day could be a great way to bring the school together to engage in the same activities throughout the school within their level of learning. It was so great to see students aged 4 – 18 have fun with these activities. The buzz among the school was electric!”

Lakeland Connect would like to give a shout out to Glendon School for being way cool!

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